Not your average software trainer!

Ready to experience freedom and get your life back again?

There’s a moment when…

… our clients realise their books are sorted, their systems are streamlined and their numbers are no longer a mystery.

They breathe and start to relax because they know everything is in order.

No more invoicing and reconciling accounts late into the night. No more double-handling information. No more worry about finding nasty surprises in the books. No more guessing at cash flow and profits.

We exist to get small business owners to that moment of relief and satisfaction where they begin to get back their time, their money and their life.

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Kylie Short

  • Xero Certified Advisor

  • Xero Trainer

  • Registered BAS Agent

  • Head Number Cruncher

  • Director and Founder of MagnifyUp

Money has been on my mind for as long as I can remember

At age 15, I was working two jobs and giving almost every cent I earned back to the family.

Growing up living day-to-day, week-to-week gave me a special appreciation for money.

And when I started to make my own way I felt a burning desire to be financially independent and free from the money worries that dogged my family during my childhood years.

I knew that achieving my dreams would require a good education, a solid understanding of finance and a whole lot of hard work.

Finance fundamentals starts with good old fashioned pencil and paper

In 1997, I began my education in bookkeeping and accounting. With pencil and paper. Financial accounting systems were in their infancy and access to good computers and decent internet speeds were hard to come by.

And my background working out the numbers by hand means I get what’s going on under the hood.

I understand the fundamentals of finance no matter the platform or technology being used to spit out the numbers.

Money management isn’t just about dollars in the bank — it’s about freedom

Over the next 20 plus years I grew my business and helped countless small businesses grow theirs.

And I began to see that good bookkeeping didn’t just result in clean, organised accounts and good compliance — but better cashflow, bigger profits and more freedom.

I developed an appreciation for money as more than dollars in the bank and made a sea change with my family moving the 1262 kms from Melbourne to Port Macquarie with a brief stint in Bathurst in between.

Success for us isn’t just about money but about the time, flexibility and enjoyment that money can bring.

I want every small business owner to experience success and freedom in their business

My mission is simple, I want to help small business owners harness the power of their finances so they can experience success and freedom.

I want to take away the burden and fear that comes with bookkeeping and give you back your time so you can enjoy your life.

Ready to experience freedom?

Let’s talk about how MagnifyUp can help you get there.

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