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Know your numbers and master your money

Small business finances can feel complex, overwhelming and difficult to understand. And we know it might be easier to focus on other parts of your business and leave your numbers to someone else.

But you can’t make sound business decisions if you don’t know what’s happening with your numbers.

That’s why we’ve created Xero online training courses and support packages to help you understand your numbers. And give you the confidence to make data-driven decisions that will:

  • improve cash flow

  • increase profitability

  • grow your business

  • give you the flexibility and freedom you crave

Our training has no fillers, no fluff and absolutely no industry jargon or bamboozling words. We break down bookkeeping concepts and Xero features using everyday language and easy to understand examples.

Our Training + Course Options

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1:1 Xero Support

20-mins of one-on-one support to tackle tricky issues and ad hoc questions.


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1:1 Xero Training

60-mins of one-on-one training customised to your unique business and challenges. 


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Mastering Xero for your Service Based Business

Master your money with this online 12 week course.


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Hanna Finlay - Off-Site Tradies Admin & Virtual Reception

"I have fairly good knowledge of Xero, but there were a few things that I just couldn't grasp, and that I had no idea were even possible to do.

Kylie was so easy to talk to, and really understood what I was trying to achieve. She was patient with me, and explained everything to me as we went through the training, so that not only did I know what to do, but I knew WHY we had to do it.

Whether you are a beginner needing to learn the ropes, or you use Xero every day and just need to know how to do something better, MagnifyUp will be able to teach you something new in an easy and comfortable environment.”

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